Monday, 19 December 2016

5 Investment Tips I Learnt From Playing Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go inspired Investment Tips!

This post is a simple analogy for beginners to better understand investments in general. It is dedicated to all investors whom are also Pokemon Go players.  While chasing the Santa Hat Pikachu around my neighbourhood over the weekend, I had an inspiration to relate the mechanics of Pokemon Go to investments. 

Legends - 
Pokemon = Investment Opportunities.
Pokeballs = Resources (Time and Money) 

1. You have to be at the right place and time to catch the Pokemon you need. You don't simply run into a Snorlax everyday. 

Translation: Nothing beats timing. There are many opportunities out there, you have to be at the right place and time to make the correct investment decision. Buying into a 10-bagger is not possible without good timing. 

2. Some Pokemon flee despite feeding them with raspberry and an excellent throw. 

Translation: Even if you are confident and had everything prepared, do acknowledge the downside risks of investing. Cut your losses short if necessary. 

3. You might not need this Pokemon, but others do. 

Translation: Opportunities are determined by the individual (i.e. by you). A good opportunity for someone else might not be a good opportunity for you. Don't follow blindly.

4. If you keep catching Pidgeys and Rattatas, you will soon run out of Pokeballs. 

Translation: If you enter the market every time the stock price drops (i.e. average down), you will soon run out of resources. 

5. You will need Ultraballs to catch that elusive legendary Pokemon. Good luck if you only have Pokeballs.

Translation: You will need to ensure you have sufficient resources (both time and money) to catch the 10-bagger. Save up your warchest and go for the big one when it appears! 

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  1. I hope this analogy is correct. Similar to investments, some of us have access to more information (sgpokemap), making it easier to see more opportunities (pokemon).


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