Tuesday, 24 January 2017

StarHub and M1 Financial Results

I bought into both M1 (end Oct 2016) and StarHub (end Dec 2016) recently as I believed they were way oversold. In 2017, both of the telcos have been recovering from their lowest point mainly due to a MOU that has been signed between them to share mobile infrastructure

For those vested in M1 or StarHub, I am just here to share that both telcos be releasing their full year FY16 results in the coming 2 weeks. M1 will be releasing its financial results on 24th Jan 2017 (today!) while StarHub will be releasing theirs on 3rd Feb 2017

Going forward, we will have to analyse the impact of the 4th telco on the incumbents' revenue and also the actual cost savings that derived from the sharing of mobile infrastructure between StarHub and M1. 

Although there will not be much surprises (hopefully), I am still looking forward to the FY16 financial results and statements to understand the companies' strategies with regard to an additional competitor. 


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