Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Shoes for CNY, A Lesson on Trade-offs

Bata shoes for $49.90.
When I was just a bit younger, I would never have stepped foot into Bata as it means "Buy And Throw Away" among many of my friends. Truthfully, I have not been shopping there after finishing my primary school. 

However, as I started working, I started to value comfort and functionality instead of branding in things I buy. A pair of $49.90  shoes can be as comfortable as a pair that costs $499. I guess the main reason is because every purchase and expenses, will pull me further away from my financial goals. 

There are always trade-offs in life. For me, I would rather spend my money on food and travelling. Some other person might not think twice about spending $500 over a pair of shoes but save on food and other items. As long as we have a clear sense of our financial goals and can achieve them, I think it is important to live our life while we work towards financial freedom. 

There are some though, that spends on everything, living the present without any trade-offs. If you find yourself constantly overspending month after month (some to the extent of being in debt), do remind yourself that the trade-off in this case, is your future


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